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Best Goldfish Food Options to Keep Your Goldfish Healthy (Reviews & Buyer’s Guide)

Nobody likes aquarium water that looks cloudy. Or even worse, when fish fail to thrive because of something they ate. That’s where the best goldfish food comes into the picture. These foods have been formulated for easy digestion and absorption by fish, which means less waste and a cleaner aquarium for you.

Furthermore, certain goldfish foods have nutrients that keep fish healthy and boost their immune system, adding to their longevity.

If your goldfish avoids food because it doesn’t taste good, they aren’t going to grow healthy due to their lackluster feeding. Not to worry – you can find the right food that your fish will love so they can stay healthy and energetic.

In this article, we look at the best goldfish foods to keep them healthy and happy. There’s also a guide to help you choose the best goldfish foods with ease. Let’s dive in!

Recommend goldfish food options:

Top 10 picks for the best goldfish food

Our Top Pick
TetraFin Plus Goldfish Flakes with Algae

What we like

·    Leaves your aquarium clean

·    Color enhancing

·    Easy to digest

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1. TetraFin Plus Goldfish Flakes

If you’re looking for the best goldfish food that will make your fish go crazy during feeding time and bring out their natural, gorgeous colors, then you may want to introduce the TetraFin Plus Flakes to your aquarium.

This food comes with all the benefits contained in the regular TetraFin GoldFish Flakes but it has something extra – the vegetable matter to enhance digestibility and support fish health.

Since digesting this food is super easy for your goldfish, most of it is eaten and there’s less waste, which means a cleaner aquarium.

TetraFin Plus has a ProCare formula to boost your fish’s immune system for a longer life and optimal health. This is the goal of most aquarium owners. Your goldfish will go crazy for TetraFin Plus.


  • Specially formulated as a stable food for your goldfish
  • Has algae flakes (vegetable matter) to enhance digestion
  • ProCare formula to boost fish immunity and promote long life

What we like

  • Leaves your aquarium clean
  • Color enhancing
  • Easy to digest

What we don’t like

  • Some users say it dissolves before fish consume it
A Great Choice
Tetra TetraFin Goldfish Flakes - Balanced Diet

What we like

·    Easy to digest, which keeps the water clean

·    Enhances fish’s natural colors

·    Has added antioxidants for healthy cells, prebiotics for digestion, and proteins for growth

·    Great value for money

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2. TetraFin Balanced Diet Goldfish Flake

Do you want to feed your goldfish without getting your hands and tank water dirty? TetraFin Goldfish Flake makes this possible. The food comes with dispenser lids for hands-free feeding.

Your fish will easily digest it, which means no production of excess waste which clouds the water. This minimizes frequent tank cleaning.

This balanced diet flake contains immunostimulants, biotin, Omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamins to strengthen your fish’s resistance to stress and diseases.

Looking for the right food to enhance your goldfish’s brilliant colors and keep them active? The TetraFin Flake Food does exactly that.


  • Available in different sizes
  • Easy to digest food, which keeps water clearer
  • The dispenser lids make hands-free feeding possible

What we like

  • Easy to digest, which keeps the water clean
  • Enhances fish’s natural colors
  • Has added antioxidants to enhance healthy cells, prebiotics for digestion, and proteins for growth
  • Value for money

What we don’t like

  • Some users have reported the presence of small particles floating in the water
  • May not be the healthiest option for your goldfish’s long-term well-being and health
Our Premium Pick
Hikari Saki Fancy Goldfish Fish Food

What we like

·    Brightens the fish colors

·    Improves fish growth and form

·    Boosts immunity

·    Improves water quality

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3. Hikari Saki Fancy Goldfish Food

You have a beautiful aquarium or pond, so it makes sense to have beautiful fish inside, right? If you keep fancy goldfish like black moors or orandas, this is your food. Hikari Saki food contains spirulina and astaxanthin which offer vivid color enhancement for your goldfish.

As a goldfish owner, you probably know that a weak immune system and excess waste in the tank can make your precious pets pass on too quickly. However, Hikari Saki Fancy Food gives you peace of mind because it’s rich in vitamins C and E to bolster your fish’s immune system.

The food also contains Hikari-Germ, which reduces and reconditions waste, resulting in better water quality.


  • Balanced formulation for desirable form and improved growth
  • Hikari-Germ helps improve digestibility 
  • Contains immune-boosting Vitamins C and E
  • Rich in pure cultured spirulina and astaxanthin to enhance color

What we like

  • Brightens the fish colors
  • Improves fish growth and form
  • Boosts immunity
  • Improves water quality

What we don’t like

  • Some people complain that the food affects fish buoyancy
  • A few cases of fish constipation have been reported
Fluval Bug Bites Goldfish Fish Food

What we like

·    Balanced fish diet

·    Promotes health healthy skin, scales, and fins

·    Made in Canada without artificial preservatives, fillers, or colors

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4. Fluval Bug Bites Pellets 

Fluval Bug Bites contains up to 40% Black Soldier Fly Larvae. This first ingredient excites goldfish, making it a fantastic choice.

Want your goldfish to grow healthy skin, fins, and scales? Give them food rich in Omega 6 and Omega 3, which the Fluval Bug Bites contain.

This food is fortified with essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids – a balanced daily diet to make your fish grow healthy.

Fluval sustainably processes the Bug Bites Goldfish food in small batches to ensure superior quality and optimal freshness.

Furthermore, there are no artificial preservatives, colors, and fillers in this food, making it the best natural option for goldfish.


  • Slow-sinking pellet format of 5mm to 7mm so that all fish can feed at any depth
  • Processed in small batches to enhance the freshness
  • Rich in the whole salmon, which contains Omega 3 and 6
  • Contains minerals, vitamins, and amino acids for a balanced diet

What we like

  • Balanced fish diet
  • Promotes health healthy skin, scales, and fins
  • Made in Canada without artificial preservatives, fillers, or colors

What we don’t like

  • According to some aquarium owners, Fluval Bug Bites food doesn’t sink
  • Pellets are large and need crunching first
Repashy Super Gold Goldfish and Koi Gel Food

What we like

·    Easy to premix

·    Can be refrigerated

·    Contains a broad assortment of nutrients

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5. Rapashy Super Gold Gel Food

If you need something different from pellets and flakes, consider this gel goldfish food from Rapashy. It’s meant for fancy goldfish, but it can suit any variety. Your fish will find this food easy to digest.

Unlike pellets or flakes, you can’t simply take this gel food and drop it into the tank. You’ll need to prepare it first. But don’t sweat it, as it comes with full preparation instructions.

Rapashy is a powder that you need to add water and heat, then cool and it will turn into a gel.

After preparing the gel, you may shred, slice it into cubes, or even keep it for future use. You can keep it in the fridge for up to two weeks. If you keep it frozen, it can last six months.


  • Comes in a powder state
  • Needs to mix with water to gel 

What we like

  • Easy to premix
  • Can be refrigerated
  • Contains a broad assortment of nutrients

What we don’t like

  • It takes time to get the right consistency when premixing
  • Doesn’t seem to help fish that have a swim bladder problem
Great for Ponds
TetraPond Pond Sticks (Goldfish and Koi)

What we like

·    Easy to eat and digest

·    Creates less waste resulting in clearer water

·    Ideal for fish at all life stages

·    Provides nutrition for longevity, energy, and overall health

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6. TetraPond Pond Sticks

Here’s the best goldfish food that’s easy for your fish to eat and digest: the TetraPond soft sticks.

These sticks float on water, making it easy for fish to feed on them. They are easy to digest too, and that means less waste and cleaner water.

After feeding on these sticks, not only will your goldfish be energetic, but they’ll also be healthy and live longer.

Suited for goldfish at all life stages, TetraPond sticks are the ideal maintenance diet that your fish will love.


  • Healthy pond nutrition
  • Soft sticks that easily float
  • Helps to keep the pond clean

What we like

  • Easy to eat and digest
  • Creates less waste resulting in clearer water
  • Ideal for fish at all life stages
  • Provides nutrition for longevity, energy, and overall health

What we don’t like

  • You can’t give it to your fish when water drops below 50 degrees
  • Some pond owners complained that their fish swam away from this food

What we like

·    Promotes healthy digestion

·    Helps to keep the water clear

·    Strengthens the fish’s immune system

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7. API Fish Food Pellets

The sinking pellets from API contain fiber and special proteins to enhance healthy digestion in your fish. The pellets are formulated for optimal use of nutrients, minimizing the production of ammonia and waste for clean water.

Your fish will have a strong immune system, thanks to the garlic, yeast, and vitamins E and C contained in this goldfish food. And garlic is a great appetite stimulant.

Want your fish to have bright colors too? The spirulina in the API food will help support their brightest colors.


  • Contains fiber and protein sources
  • Has immune-boosting garlic, vitamins C and E, and yeast
  • Formulated for maximum nutrient absorption for less waste

What we like

  • Promotes healthy digestion
  • Helps to keep the water clear
  • Strengthens the fish’s immune system

What we don’t like

  • Some people complain that the pellets sink instead of floating like indicated on the container.
  • The medium pellets are still relatively small-sized
Aqueon Goldfish Food Granules

What we like

·    Promotes balanced nutrition

·    Fortifies the immune system

·    Color enhancing

·    You get more for your money - good value

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8. Aqueon Goldfish Granules

The Aqueon granules do more than just keep your fish satiated; they fortify their immune system and bring out their true colors.

These granules come packed with minerals, vitamins, and other trace elements, providing a balanced diet to keep your fish healthy.

A cloudy pond or aquarium is the last thing you want to deal with on a daily basis. Feeding your goldfish on Aqueon granules ensures effective absorption of nutrients, thus creating less waste and a clean pond.


  • Contains natural ingredients, minerals, vitamins, and trace elements which is a healthy diet
  • Formulated to ensure fish utilize most of the food
  • Contains spirulina, chili powder, and marigold powder for color enhancement

What we like

  • Promotes balanced nutrition
  • Fortifies the immune system
  • Easy to absorb and minimizes waste
  • Color enhancing
  • You get more for your money – good value

What we don’t like

  • Too big for small goldfish
  • Slow sinking doesn’t usually happen, as most of the granules sink quickly or keep floating
SAN FRANCISCO BAY Brand Freeze Dried Bloodworms

What we like

·   Great value for the money

·    Nearly all fish types love it!

Check Price on Amazon

9. SAN FRANCISCO BAY Freeze Dried Bloodworms

Your goldfish will love the bloodworms and consume them with a lot of enthusiasm, as the food’s flavor is irresistible.

The bloodworms are whole without any artificial additions, which is good for the health of your fish.

If you’ve been looking for the best goldfish food that lasts a long time, then these freeze-dried bloodworms will do. The food comes in a large jar and is wallet-friendly, making them an excellent value.


  • Dried bloodworms come in a large, transparent 50g jar
  • Bloodworms float consistently

What we like

  • Comes in a large jar that lasts long
  • Nearly all fish types love it!

What we don’t like

  • Doesn’t contain a varied diet with vitamins and minerals
  • Floats on the water, making it difficult for larger fish that struggle to reach the surface
Blue Ridge Fish Food Pellets - Koi and Goldfish

What we like

·    Easy to soften and digest

·    Promotes a cleaner pond

·    Promotes stress resistance and boosts immunity

·    Great value for money

Check Price on Amazon

10. Blue Ridge Goldfish Food Pellets

Giving your goldfish superior quality food makes them happy and healthy. And speaking of superior quality, the Blue Ridge pellets are made in the USA and are used by top American Koi breeders. Luckily, the food is quite affordable.

The floating pellets soak and soften fast for quick digestion, and won’t pollute your water. The food’s balanced nutritional diet enhances healthy growth in goldfish.

You don’t have to worry about your fish getting sick or stressed; the pellets contain a special blend of minerals and vitamins to bolster fish immunity and resistance to stress.


  • Floats on water and softens quickly
  • Balanced nutritional diet

What we like

  • Softens easily for good digestion
  • Promotes a cleaner pond
  • Promotes stress resistance and boosts immunity
  • Great value for money

What we don’t like

  • Not small enough for small fish
  • Some people report that their goldfish avoid or spit it out
Three goldfish looking for goldfish food

 What Kind of Food Do Goldfish Eat?

Goldfish are omnivores; in the wild, they feed on insects, plants, crustaceans, and even small fish. While it’s not easy to match their natural diet, you can provide the goldfish with specific foods that mirror their natural diet. 

Most importantly, there isn’t one type of food to meet all of the dietary needs of your goldfish; you need to vary foods to provide a balanced diet for the fish.

Leafy Greens

Vegetables supply goldfish with the fiber they’d usually get in the wild from eating plants. Goldfish have a sensitive digestive system so they need food that’s easy to digest. Vegetables help support their digestion.

Feed your goldfish vegetables, such as spinach, broccoli, and lettuce often, every few days if possible. Note their favorite vegetables and keep feeding them regularly.

Why We Love It

Vegetables are rich in fiber that improves digestion and prevents constipation in goldfish. They are also low in fat and rich in nutrients.

Brine Shrimp

Brine shrimp are small crustaceans found mostly in inland water bodies, but can also survive for a long time in freshwater. Their unique adaptability to water salinity makes them a suitable live food for goldfish in a freshwater aquarium.

You can get the brine shrimp eggs and hatch them or purchase them in a frozen or freeze-dried state.

Why We Love It

Brine shrimp are energy-rich with their protein consisting of 60% of their dry weight. This is why they are ideal for growing, young fish.

The crustaceans have spastic swimming motions that engage your fish’s hunting instincts. Not only is this fun for you to watch, but it is also great enrichment for your goldfish.

Brine fish are also easy to ingest and digest by fish. Given their salinity tolerance, you may use them as goldfish food in freshwater or marine tanks.

Most importantly, unlike many other live foods found in aquarium stores, brine shrimp rarely have diseases that your goldfish can catch.

Peeled Peas

Constipation is a common problem in goldfish and the cause is usually a lack of adequate fiber in the diet. Peas come in handy to help clean up the fish’s digestive tract. Most goldfish keepers prefer green peas.

Why We Love It

Green peas have small amounts of protein, which reduces the ammonia waste from your goldfish. As a result, water isn’t polluted and remains cleaner.

Green peas are part of fish’s sinking diet. In other words, they move to the bottom of the tank, forcing fish to dive there to feed. This prevents the fish from gulping in excess air, which often occurs when feeding on floating foods. Swallowed air can get into the swim bladder, causing buoyancy issues.

Please keep in mind that feeding your goldfish peas may not resolve chronic swim bladder disorders or floating issues caused by poor water quality, internal parasites, or bacteria.

In other words, if your fish has health issues other than constipation, feeding it peas alone won’t help.

Before giving peas to your goldfish, ensure they are peeled. Don’t mash your peas, as they tend to cloud the water.


Bloodworms are among the best live foods for your goldfish.

Why We Like It

Bloodworms are super digestible and rich in protein, which is crucial for your fish’s growth.

The Different Types of Goldfish Food

Gel Food

Everything that goldfish ingests in the wild is typically soft and moist. Therefore, the digestive system of the fish is used to processing such food.

That’s where gel food comes in handy. Gel food usually comes in powder form, and you’ll need to mix it with water to form a gel. A good example is Rapashy Super Gold Gel Food.


The food sinks to the bottom, limiting the amount of air that fish swallow as they feed on floating food. Longer term, this can cause buoyancy issues. No air is trapped in the gel food so it reduces air in the fish’s gut.

  • Gel is high in vegetable and protein matter to make your goldfish healthy.
  • The food is also moist, making it easy for the fish to chew and swallow.


  • Some gel foods may have a little smell after mixing the powder with water, and goldfish can be sensitive to smell.


Flakes are thin processed food pieces suited for goldfish in a small aquarium. Flakes float on the surface of the water. 


  • Fancy and exotic goldfish (like Bubble Eyes) may find it easier to eat flakes, as they drift slowly on the surface
  • Less likely to stay in the tank and make the water cloudy


  • May lose part of the nutritional value after exposure to air
  • Flakes float and this may cause swim bladder issues due to the fish gulping air when eating 
  • It’s common for some brands to include filler ingredients in flakes
  • They fall apart as soon as they hit the water surface

Floating and Sinking Pellets

Pellets are dry solid food for goldfish and work effectively when their size is smaller than the fish mouth size. They are classified into two categories: sinking pellets and floating pellets.

Sinking pellets move to the tank’s bottom so the fish need to swim to the bottom to eat the pellets. Floating pellets stay on the water surface.

Floating Pellets Pros

  • The fish has to come to the water surface to feed, which allows you to observe their vigor and health.
  • You can regulate the daily food amount to avoid waste.
  • Floating pellets are not likely to pollute the tank


  • Increases the risk of fish swallowing air, which can cause problems with the swim bladder

Sinking Pellets Pros

  • Allow fish to dive to the pond bottom and feed naturally
  • They prevent fish from getting swim bladder problems, as your fish doesn’t have to come to the surface and swallow air
  • They dissolve slowly, giving fish enough time to eat them


  • Fish can accidentally swallow gravel while foraging for these pellets
  • Pellets can stay at the tank bottom and start rotting, which may increase the ammonia content 
Goldfish in an aquarium looking for food

Benefits of Using Goldfish Food

Here are the top reasons to start using goldfish food:

1. Bolsters Fish Immune System

Some of the best goldfish foods, such as Hikari Saki food, contain vitamins C and E, which strengthen the immune system of goldfish, making them less prone to diseases.

2. Balanced Nutrients for Fish Growth

For goldfish to grow, they need food rich in proteins, vitamins, minerals, and other trace elements. Most of the best goldfish foods come fortified with these nutrients for optimal fish growth.

3. Value for Money

Most of these foods come in large quantities at a small cost. This allows you to save money while feeding your fish for an extended period. A good example is the SAN FRANCISCO BAY Freeze Dried Bloodworms. It comes in a large jar at a great price.

4. Easy to Digest

Constipation can occur easily if your goldfish eats foods that aren’t easy to digest and absorb. However, food specially designed for goldfish is easier for them to digest and absorb. The result is healthy fish and less waste.

5. Cleaner Water

Changing water frequently due to excess ammonia and other waste can be a lot of extra work for the goldfish keeper. And if your fish keeps eating food that makes the water cloudy, they are at increased risk of stress and death due to the toxic waste in the water. By feeding on easily digestible foods, the water won’t be polluted. This means a cleaner goldfish tank for you.

Things to Look For In Good Goldfish Food

Keep the following in mind when looking for goldfish food:


Consider the food size based on the type and size of your goldfish. For example, if you have small goldfish, you want to avoid big-sized pellets that may choke your fish. Choose what fits your fish’s mouth.


You want to ensure the food contains the required minerals, vitamins, proteins, and carbohydrates to boost the fish’s growth and increase their lifespan.

Ease of Digestion

Goldfish don’t have a stomach in the same sense as humans, which is why you need to give them food they can easily swallow, digest, and absorb.


The goldfish food you select shouldn’t consist of artificial colors or flavors, as they can harm the fish. Additionally, you want to avoid foods that release excess waste and create cloudiness in water.

Goldfish Food FAQs

How Often To Feed Goldfish?

Feed the fish a max of two to three times a day to avoid indigestion and tank contamination.

How many pellets should I feed my goldfish?

Two to three pellets twice per day should work.

How many flakes should I feed my goldfish?

Approximately three flakes. Add small quantities of flakes at a time – for example, three flakes per fish. If the fish consumes it all quickly, add another small amount. It’s recommended that you give them an amount they can consume within four to five minutes.

What is the best time to feed goldfish?

Feed your goldfish at regular intervals so they stay full and energized the entire day. Try to keep the feeding times similar. For instance, if you feed them at 9 am, 1 pm, and 6 pm on one day, put reminders in place to feed them at similar times on the following days.

What to feed a goldfish when out of fish food?

If there’s no fish food, you can use peeled peas, boiled vegetables, or shrimp. Use freeze-dried food instead of live food to prevent the transfer of disease to your fish.

Will goldfish eat dog food?

No. Use specially formulated goldfish food only. Dog or cat food can cause severe disease or premature death.

Why is my goldfish not eating?

There are several reasons for this. First, your goldfish may be bored of feeding on the same type of food daily. Try introducing a variety of foods.

The second reason could be poor water quality. A change of water could be all you need to restore your fish’s appetite.

If they still won’t eat after these two steps, call a fish vet immediately, as it could be a swimming bladder infection.

Why do goldfish spit out their food?

The food particles might be too big, the fish might be full, or in need of food variety.

Can goldfish food go bad?

Yes, goldfish food expires which is why there’s an expiration date on the packaging. If you have dried fish food sitting around for more than three months, you should discard it. At that point in time, even if you give it to your fish, it won’t add any nutritional value.


You need the right type of goldfish food to keep your fish healthy. Feeding your goldfish two to three times a day with a varied diet is optimal.

Try not to underfeed or overfeed the fish. A good rule of thumb is to give your fish food that it can consume within two minutes.

Remember to supplement the diet with leafy greens and hand-fed peas with their skin removed.

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