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Best Aquarium Stand (Reviews and Buyer’s Guide)

Choosing the best aquarium stand for your tank can be a daunting task. There are many factors to consider and it’s hard to know where to start.

This article will explore how to choose an aquarium stand, what factors you should take into consideration when purchasing one, and some of the best options on the market today. Our favorite options are the Coralife New Style BioCube Stand – 29/32 Gallons Tank and Imagitarium Brooklyn Metal Tank Stand – 40 Gallon.

We hope this guide helps you find a great aquarium stand that is perfect for your needs! You’ll have everything you need in order to make an informed decision about which type of aquarium stand is right for you and your fishy friends!

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Best Aquarium Stand Options:

What is the Best Aquarium Stand? 

Aquarium stands have to support a lot of weight, so the best choice is something that is strong, durable, and stable. There are many different types of aquarium stand available on the market today, with prices varying from reasonable to extremely expensive.

The type you choose will depend on your personal preferences and the type of aquarium you own. A good quality stand will ensure that your tank can be placed in any room of the house without fear of it falling over or causing damage to family members and pets.

Below are the best aquarium stands, rated by size:

How to Choose Your Aquarium Stand

Understanding the factors to consider when choosing an aquarium stand will make the purchasing process easier.

Aquarium Size and Shape

The first thing to do is understand the size and shape (and corresponding, weight) of your aquarium. This will help you narrow down the types of aquarium stands as some are better suited to certain shapes than others. We recommend this handy guide for understanding standard aquarium sizes and weights.

Tank SizeLength (in.)Width (in.)Height (in.)Weight (lbs.) (when filled)
2.5 gallons126827
5 gallons1681062
10 gallons201012111
15 gallons241212170
15 gallons (high)201018170
20 gallons241216225
20 gallons long301212225
25 gallons241218282
30 gallons361216348
40 gallons361816458
40 gallons (long)481216455
50 gallons361819622
55 gallons481321625
65 gallons361824772
75 gallons481821850
90 gallons4818241,050
125 gallons7218211,400

A larger, heavier aquarium requires a suitable stand that is both strong and durable. For example, a ten-gallon tank can use a simpler, less bulky aquarium stand versus a 55-gallon tank. The larger the aquarium, the more it weighs, and that’s why you should ensure your stand can support that weight comfortably. Solid wood is a better choice for larger tanks.

If you purchase an aquarium stand that isn’t strong enough for your aquarium, you could have a terrible situation where your aquarium crashes to the floor, spilling water, ruining your tank, and potentially hurting any nearby pets or kids.

Construction Material

There are many different types of materials used in aquarium stands construction. Not all materials are created equally.

The most common materials used in aquarium stand construction are:

  1. Plywood: Plywood is the standard material choice and typically the best option for all types of aquariums. Plywood is strong, durable, and inexpensive. It’s easy to clean, won’t rust over time, and can be painted or stained whatever color you choose.
  2. Particle board (MDF): Particle board is a cheaper version of plywood. It is a common construction material, especially in the lower-end aquarium stands. It is not compatible with saltwater aquariums, as the wood may degrade over time due to the humidity exposure.
  3. Metal: Some stands are made from metal such as iron, steel, carbon-steel, aluminum, brass, bronze, or copper. Metals are very strong and durable construction materials. However, they can be much heavier, which can make installation more challenging. Metal stands may also rust over time if they are not coated properly with an anti-rust product.

Enough Space for Equipment?

Aquariums come with a lot of equipment – heaters, filters, fish food, fish nets, power strips, and more.  If your aquarium stand doesn’t have plenty of room for all this equipment, it may not be the best choice for you.

Check if your aquarium stand has enough space before making a purchase. It is important to ensure that all your equipment will fit in your stand, unless you have a good backup place for storage. You definitely don’t want to purchase a beautiful new aquarium stand only to find it out it can’t hold all of your equipment.

If you want to keep your aquatic space tidy, buy a stand with holes in the backboard so you can cleanly pass your wires through to the power source.

Ease of Set Up?

If you are a beginner, or if you want to move your tank at any point in the future, it is best to buy a stand that is easy to set up.

Can it be installed by one person? Does it come with all the tools you need, including a screwdriver and any other special tools required for assembling? How many pieces does it have? What is the time estimate for assembly? This can make a big difference in how hard or easy the stand is to assemble.

Aquarium Stand Aesthetics

You’re probably proud of how your aquarium looks so you will want your aquarium stand to match the aesthetic and not become an eyesore. If you can, go to a local fish store first and see how the stands look in person. Then purchase online to get the best deal.

Some aquarium stands are sleek and modern. Others showcase vintage or rustic farmhouse aesthetics. What does the rest of your furniture look like? If you have a modern home, a farmhouse aquarium stand won’t exactly match the decor.

best aquarium stand made of pine wood

Also, consider where your aquarium will be located when choosing an aquarium stand. If it will be placed in a corner, is there enough space behind the backboard for cords? Will the stand clash with any other furniture or decorations you already have?

The more you can visualize the aquarium stand in your home, the more likely you are to make a choice that reflects your style.

What is a Good Aquarium Stand Height?

Aquarium stand height is an important factor to consider.  The height of your stand will affect the visibility and accessibility of your aquarium.

Some stands are fixed heights and some stands have an adjustable height. This can be a very useful feature if you want to change your aquarium level depending on its location.

If you have a shorter tank, you’re going to want a taller stand so you can more easily see your fishy friends. However, if your stand is too tall, it might make aquarium maintenance more challenging.

Best Aquarium Stands

Best 29 Gallon Aquarium Stand: Coralife New Style BioCube Stand – 29/32 Gallons Tank

Coralife, one of the most popular brands for tanks, offers a 29/32 Gallon Aquarium stand that will match your aquarium with its decorative style and high-quality features. This beautiful aquarium stand is sturdy with a clean black finish to complement any home interior. It can be used with aquariums of 20, 29, and 32 Gallons.


  • Compatible with the BioCube aquariums
  • Acrylic tinted panels
  • Rear electrical holes


  • Sturdy construction with a clean black finish
  • Made with waterproof materials
  • Decorative and functional design


  • Takes a while to assemble

Best 10 Fish Tank Stand: Flipper 10/20 Gallon Aquarium Stand, Rustic Oak Finish

This aquarium stand offers the flexibility to switch between a 10 gallon or 20 gallon tank. The 20 Gallon Stand has a bigger tank support than the 10 Gallon Stand. You can easily switch between the two settings to get a perfect fit. This option is made from MDF and particleboard. It has a brown woodgrain finish that can be paired with any style or decor.


  • Fits 10 or 20 gallon tanks
  • Made from MDF and particleboard materials
  • Brown woodgrain finish


  • Flexible option for different tank sizes
  • Sturdy construction
  • Affordable price


  • Doesn’t work for 20-gallon long tank
  • Some users reported the faux wood was peeling

Best 29 Gallon Aquarium Stand: Imagitarium Preferred Winston Tank Stand – 29 Gallons

The Winston Tank Stand is another option to consider when shopping for an aquarium stand. Reviewers have stated that it’s an amazing stand, well-built and sturdy. The base of this aquarium stand is not wobbly which means there are no worries about it toppling over. This stand has a rich espresso finish with an adjustable shelf for convenient storage.


  • For tanks up to 29 gallons
  • Rich espresso stain finish


  • Adjustable bottom shelf for convenient storage
  • Sturdy construction
  • Affordable price


  • Some owners report complicated assembly
  • Some owners report instructions are printed in very small font

Best 10 Gallon Fish Tank Stand: Aquatic Fundamentals 10 Gallon Metal Aquarium Stand, Black

This Aquatic Fundamentals 10 Gallon Black Metal Stand has a sleek black finish that adds elegance to any room. Designed to hold your 10-gallon aquarium, this stand features a moisture-resistant coating that repels water which is helpful in case of accidental leaks. Sturdy metal construction supports your tank and has an open design that allows for sufficient air circulation.


  • For 10-gallon tanks
  • Steel construction


  • Metal construction makes it long-lasting
  • Affordable price


  • Some owners report wobbly
  • A bit complicated to install

Best 15 Gallon Fish Tank Stand: Fluval Flex 15g Stand (Black)

If you happen to own a Fluval Flex 15 gallon aquarium, then this stand is custom-built for your aquarium. It has a clean, modern design that complements the aquarium for an aesthetically pleasing look. If you don’t have a Fluval Flex 15, make sure to double-check your measurements to confirm your tank will fit.


  • For Fluval Flex 15 gallon tank
  • Black, modern design
  • Built-in shelving for housing aquarium equipment


  • Looks great with Fluval Flex aquarium
  • Sturdy with additional shelving


  • Expensive compared to similar stands
  • A bit complicated to install

Best Aquarium Stands for 30-50 Gallon Fish Tanks

Best 40 Gallon Aquarium Stand: Imagitarium Brooklyn Metal Tank Stand – 40 Gallon

The Brooklyn Metal Aquarium Stand is a durable, sturdy aquarium stand. It has an elevated platform that allows you to create height and distance between the bottom of your tank and the room floor. Set up and install is easy with this option, with most users reporting install is easy with one person. It has a simple and clean design that helps it blend into any room. It comes in a variety of sizes to suit your tank needs.


  • Durable solid steel construction
  • Black and simple design


  • Easy installation
  • Affordable price
  • Sturdy


  • Some users report stand scratches easily

Best 45 Gallon Aquarium Stand: Aquatic Fundamentals, 30/38/45 Gallon, Black Upright Aquarium Stand

This Aquatic Fundamentals aquarium stand can handle anywhere from a 30 gallon to 45-gallon aquarium. It is made from a mix of wood and composite and most owners find the construction to be quite sturdy. It is affordably priced and the stand looks great with a black tank as it has a clean, streamlined black design.


  • Suitable for aquariums ranging from 30 to 45 gallons
  • Holds up to 450 pounds


  • Easily reach accessories through the center panel front door
  • Affordable
  • Clean and simple design


  • Some users reported missing screws in the installation kit
  • Does not have internal shelves if you need the additional storage space

Best Aquarium Stands for 55 Gallon Fish Tanks

Best 55 Gallon Aquarium Stand: Ameriwood Home Wildwood Aquarium Stand – 55 Gallon Aquarium Stand

This Ameriwood Home Wildwood Aquarium Stand has a rustic, farmhouse aesthetic and is perfect for 55-gallon aquariums. This stand is brown with a gray undertone wood veneer and has laminated particleboard with black metal hardware accents. It has lots of storage space with 4 shelves to hold fish food, nets, water treatments, and whatever other aquarium equipment you need to store.


  • Suitable for 55-gallon aquariums
  • Supports up to 660 pounds


  • A significant amount of cabinet shelving to store your aquarium equipment
  • Adjustable shelves can fit the height of your equipment
  • Sturdy construction


  • Requires two people for installation

Best 55 Gallon Aquarium Stand: Aquatic Fundamentals, 55 Gallon, Upright Aquarium Stand

The Aquatic Fundamentals Upright Aquarium Stand is a great stand for your freshwater or saltwater fish. It’s made out of cherry laminate and is water-resistant. The finish and contemporary design are sure to suit any style of decor in your home. This aquarium stand is constructed from dense fiberboard and covered in an attractive melamine laminate, making it a sturdy option for big tanks.


  • Suitable for 55-gallon aquariums
  • Covered front of the stand to conceal aquarium equipment such as filters and pumps


  • Back of stand is open which allows for convenient cord routing
  • Sturdy construction


  • No internal shelves inside cabinet
  • Some trouble installing cabinet doors

Best Aquarium Stands for 70+ Gallon Aquariums

Best 75 Gallon Fish Tank Stand: Aquatic Fundamentals Upright Aquarium Stand – 75 Gallon

If you’ve got a big fish tank, you need to be extra selective about your aquarium stand. 75-gallon tanks top out around 850 pounds, so your stand has to be heavy-duty. This particular stand is engineered to hold up to 900 pounds. The strong top design of this stand supports every inch of your aquarium. Like the other Aquatic Fundamentals options in this article, the is fully covered to conceal pumps, filters or other accessories, while the back of the stand is open for convenient cord routing.


  • Suitable for 75 to 90-gallon aquariums
  • Can support up to 900 pounds


  • Conceal aquarium equipment such as filters and pumps with covered front
  • Open back which allows for convenient cord routing
  • Sturdy construction


  • No internal shelves inside cabinet
  • Users report difficulty installing cabinet doors

Where to put your aquarium stand?

Choosing the proper location for your aquarium stand is an important decision. You need to consider several things, including how the stand will look in your room and if it will block any other objects.

The aquarium itself needs to be placed on a stable surface that can support its weight easily. It is usually recommended to locate your tank near a supporting wall if at all possible. This helps to reduce vibration when people move around close to the aquarium. Additionally, if the wall is an external-facing wall, your tank may experience either heat or cold radiating from the wall, depending on the weather outside conditions and level of insulation. If this is your situation, you can move the aquarium a few inches off the wall to reduce the impact on temperature.

Additionally, you will want to avoid direct sunlight on the aquarium. Direct sunlight will cause problems with algae down the line. Depending on how the sunlight hits the aquarium, you might be able to block it with a background.

Lastly, avoid heating and cooling ducts. You want to maintain a consistent temperature in your tank so the best way to do that is to choose a neutral starting location for your tank placement.

How to assemble an aquarium stand?

If you’ve never assembled an aquarium stand before, they’re usually pretty straightforward construction projects. Most of the time, all that is needed is a screwdriver and wrench. Some stands will require other tools like saws and drills but this is usually the case only when they come unassembled in boxes and need to be cut with power tools.

Follow the manufacturer’s included instructions with the stand. If the instructions recommend getting a helper, now is not the time to take shortcuts. Your aquarium stand needs to be assembled properly because it is going to have to support a lot of weight long-term.

It goes without saying that you want to make sure the stand is only stable on flat surfaces. If you have a slanted or wobbly surface, your aquarium will not be level and it will ultimately crash. Make sure whatever surface you choose is as level as possible before beginning assembly.

When your aquarium stand is fully assembled, it should feel sturdy and secure. It should not be wobbly. If it is wobbly, it is time to retrace your steps and make sure everything was done correctly.

How to level the aquarium on the stand?

When installing your aquarium, you want to check multiple times that your set-up is level. First, when selecting the location for the stand. Secondly, once you get the aquarium installed. And lastly, when the tank is filled with water. The last thing you want is an unlevel aquarium on a wobbly stand.

Lots of aquarium stands come with adjustable feet on the bottom of the stand that allows you to raise and lower it to different heights, which can help correct any leveling issues.

If you don’t have adjustable legs, you can use wood or plastic shims under the aquarium stand legs for the same purpose. This option is only recommended if the issue is only slightly off. In extreme cases, you will need to move the tank and stand to a place where the floor is more level from the beginning.

Aquarium Stand FAQs

Can you put a fish tank on any stand?

We recommend using an aquarium stand for holding your aquarium. Don’t use random pieces of furniture around your house. Aquariums weigh a lot and you don’t want to risk a tank spilling all of its water and fish onto your nice floors. It is not worth the risk.

How strong does a fish tank stand need to be?

The strength of the fish stand depends on the size of the aquarium. Water is heavy so a 55-gallon tank will weigh significantly more than a 10-gallon tank. On average, fish tanks weigh between 8 and 10 pounds for each gallon of water, so you can do the math. For example, a 55-gallon tank could easily weigh 550 pounds. Therefore, any fish tank stand needs to be able to support the weight of the water and substrate.

Can Ikea kallax hold a fish tank?

The Ikea Kallax is not intended to hold fish tanks. Small tanks (10 gallons and under) might be ok, but we always recommend using a dedicated aquarium stand to be safe.


Choosing the best aquarium stand for your needs can be tough. There are so many factors to consider, such as tank size, construction materials, and assembly difficulty, and a lot of options on the market!

We hope this blog post has helped to provide information on how to choose an aquarium stand, what types of stands are available, and our favorite options–including our top picks for each aquarium size.

Which type of stand do you prefer? Have any horror stories with aquarium stands gone wrong? We’d love to hear from you!

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